iOS12 iphone not able to send photo's and messages using iMessage ! Fixes

Many iphone x and iphone 7 users are facing issue with iMessage that they can’t send images or photos in iMesage on iOS 11 and iOS 12. 

This post will try to help iphone iMessage Issue:
1) iMessage shows "not delivered" but are being received!
2) Not able to send pictures using iMessage
3) Delivered then not delivered on imessage problem

Solution to iMessage unable to send photos probelm:

Resetting the network should work for most of users. 

Try these steps and it seemed to cure the issue:

First turn off iMessage - Settings - Messages
Then reset your network settings - Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings

After the iPhone restart, turn on your iMessage - Settings - Message

Settings > Messages > MMS Messaging > make sure switch is ON (green side showing)

iMessage Still Not working. Try More doing below steps:

If you are receiving problem related to iMessage, You can also try these steps.
To resolve issues with sending and receiving iMessages, follow these steps.

If you still can't send or receive an iMessage, follow these steps

  • check that the contact trying to message you isn't blocked in Settings > Messages > Blocked.Make sure that the contact you're trying to send a message to is registered with iMessage.
  • If the issue occurs with a specific contact or contacts, back up or forward important messages and delete your current messaging threads with the contact. 
  • If you aren't receiving iMessages across all iOS devicesGo to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive on each iOS device and make sure that you signed in with your Apple ID. You must use the same Apple ID on each device.Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > You Can Be Reached By iMessage At and make sure that you selected each phone number and email address you want to use with iMessage.
  • If you linked a phone number to your Apple ID with iMessage and the phone number hasn't appeared, followthese steps.Sign out of your Apple ID in Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and Settings > FaceTime on all devices.If you're adding a phone number to Apple ID, sign in to iMessage on your iPhone first. Then sign in to the rest of your device one by one with iMessage and FaceTime.



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