iphone 6 battery draining quickly with iOS11 [Fix]

Many user are having battery drain problem on IOS 8.1.3 on iPhone 5S. iphone kepts on getting warm eg using maps navigation.
iphone ios8 Battery problem

To fix the battery drain problem first of all in your iphone check how the battery usage are going on. Which app is taking so much of battery.
It could be one of below.
Location services which is using too much battery to operate, to fix it: go the following location in iphonesettings: 
Settings->Privacy->Location Services 
scroll all the way down and Click System Services. Disable it.
Disable Cell Network Search: it is very much possible that you have poor network connection and your phones keeps on searching for better network reception which causes iphone to draing too much battery. 
Other thing which may give you problem of poor battery performance in iphone is  Setting Time Zone, and Wifi Networking. 
You can also try disabling these one at a time.

Normally people don't need these services, so you can stop them.

This has helped many users having good iphone battery life.

 If you want to know more about these, here is the settings you are disabling do:

Cell Network Search:This is apple specific data it tracks cell tower usage and congestion, and the data is send to apple for analysis. helps your iphone to locate a cell tower. According to AppleTurning this off will not affect your phone’s operations.

Setting Time Zone:it sets your time accroding to geographic location. If you dont travel much you should turn it off and you’ll lose that functionality(less of use).

Wi-Fi Networking:This pis linked to what Apple calls “crowdsourced Wi-Fi Hotspot locations”. If some person is using some public area wifi its location is send to apple with area name. Next time some iphone user walks by that exact hotspot, their iPhone will get location from apple server, ie witout GPS – because apple basically already “marked” the area. Turning off will stop that data from being sent to Apple servers.



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