fix iphone 6 and iphone5s random virbration after iOS8 upgrade,

Many user who upgraded to iOS8 are facing falsely virbation in iphone5s and 6.
Iphone 6 with iOS 8 randomly makes noise (tri-tone). No new messages, notification, and when on vibrate mode are found when checked by users.
iphone vibrate issue

 The problem, All apps which were previously marked *not* to "Allow Notifications" (under iOS 7) still showed up under "DO NOT INCLUDE" in Notifications setup, but were marked to Allow Notifications.  Additionally, two of them were marked to play Sounds and nothing else (no banners, alerts, badges, etc).  I went through and disabled "Allow Notifications" for all of the apps below the "DO NOT INCLUDE" heading.  The fact that these get re-enabled is either a bug with iOS 8 itself or a bug with the restoration process in iTunes 11.4 and iOS 8.  I restored all of the aforementioned apps from an iOS 7 backup of my iPhone 5 performed in the most current release of iTunes (11.4) on a Mac running OS X Mavericks.

I have found few fix to stop random vibration in iphone. 

  • Go into Settings > Notifications and tap every app under INCLUDE to check for Sound only notifications.Go under the DO NOT INCLUDE section and tap every app to check for Sound only notifications as well as to turn off the Allow Notifications toggle.
  • If this does't fix your probelm, the vibration in iphone can be cause of email notifications.One of user just installed the new Gmail app. It turned out to be the vibration culprit. Turned sound off in notifications and the buzz is gone.
  • figured out that location services was always working at that time(the GPS arrow upper right corner). I have switched of frequent locations Settings - Privacy - location services - system services - frequent location. Now no ghost vibrations anymore.

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