What to do for iPhone 5 and 4S random drop of network and data signal connection

iPhone loosing network and data connection:  Many of iPhone 5 and 4S users are suffering from random loss of call network and data service.  An iphone suffering from the issue in context will suddenly find feature e.g. call, SMS, and 3G Internet facility non-functional, even though shown signal quality/strength may be good.

The issue may be with  SIM cards; some people have reported success after disabling a SIM PIN, or else changing cards. Few user has eliminated the glitch by doing a full restore of their device.

Apple is though aware of errors, and working with carriers provider on the error. The firmware was, for instance, supposed to fix other issue like recurring battery life problems, but these have continued for some users even as other people have had them solved.

  • According to few user, the root cause for the reception issue may lie with the way the SIM Card is aligned on the SIM tray.
  • One  way to overcome this is to disable the SIM PIN. Go to Settings > Phone Menu > Turn SIM PIN off.
  • Try Toggling Airplane mode. Or Turn your phone off, then wait five minutes, then turn your phone back on again, then wait five more minutes and try using it as normal. 
Hope these steps might have helped you.