Fix Not able to turn off iPhone 7 5s/6s with iOS 11/ iOS 12

There is one common problem that users are facing with iphone 7 and 6s,5. While user are trying to shutdown the iphone , phone will shutdown first but will reboot itself after some time.
There are multiple way to fix this problem. Please try these if you are facing the same.
  1. Try to clean docking connector :  This is the major cause of this problem. Try to clean the dock carefully with toothbrush or isopropyl alcohol . Most of the time  it has been corrosion on the board,   If so is the case that your dock has gone wrong completely and you need to replace it. If you are confident enough about your charging dock, It could be  Bad charging port assembly, Please try to replace this if so is the case.
  2. Sign out from itunes:  Go to Setting-> iTunes and logout. Now try to shutdown to see if it helps.
  3. Replace BatteryIf above step doesn't fix it  it could be because your battery is not correctly insalled, try a replacement battery then power flex.
Other thing you can try is to hard reset your iphone. To do hard reboot please press power button and Home button at same time for more than 10 sec till you see the Apple logo again.

Above mentioned stepls should help in fixing iphone not turning off issue..

Let us know how it goes in the comments



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