latest top best amazing apps for iphone on different categories iOS 11/iOS 12

A lots of new apps are coming for iOS 11 and iOS 12. Since from its beginning , lots of new apps have either been updated or completely updated to fit the look and design of iOS 11. So it only seemed appropriate we update our list of must have apps...

With the release of new apps like Waze,  Focus, Fantastical 2, Tweetbot 3, and more, found that its time to add a few more App Store apps to our collection of best iOS 11 ready apps.

And if you find any other apps that amazed on iOS 12 be sure to let us know about them in comments!

  • Netflix: One of the best streaming service.No application can match Netflix in entertainment category. It’s the one of the best streaming service around with thousands of movies, TV shows, and original shows . 

  • Kindle: Amazon is ruling the ebook reader world, but you can also get its Kindle app just about everywhere else, including iPhone. you can Download it from App store or amazon and read up on any device you want. Reading. Happy Reading !

  • Flipboard: If you are a news readers that love to read news in pretty magazines format, you can thank Flipboard for that. It’s the reigning king and a best first app for those interested into digital news reading. Flipboard gives amazing experience of reading news with flips. After using it you will see the difference of digital world.

  • Shazam: How many times it has happened with you that while listening to some music you wanted to know more detail about that. Does that song sound familiar? want to know more than Shazam it and you’ll find out . Its amazingly fast, Shazam detects songs in a fractions of second sometimes and latest updates now works on TV shows as well.

  • Sparrow: For the people who want to manage their mailbox and mails. If you’re finding hard to manage overstuffed inbox, this app can help. This app helps in creating multiple accounts and labels, and power through a unified inbox in record time. It’s well easy access.

  • Screens : Amazing app. It will let you make iPhone to remotely view and interact with your Mac or Windows PC. Isn't it great to have such app. It may sound difficult to operate but it does work better on the iPad, but Screens has doene a great job in making best possible for iPhones. Screens makes that a reality.